Lucky Heroes

Slot machine test: lucky heroes

Yes now widely known that it is not really well around our planet. We humans have managed to make him pretty broken in a few thousand years. And from greed we bothered by not really off if it continues and nothing changes. Until now, because now there is the lucky heroes. They combine environmental protection and great profits in an online slot.

Well sadly not really entirely. Because they fight that while evil in this 3D game by Sheriff gaming, while they protect but derricks, oil and everything belongs to. But somehow it feels but at the two little funny-looking super heroes, they would think it good. And by their green clothing, they have also a little organic touch.

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Lucky heroes - super win slots

But we don't want to talk about the environment. To care of others. Friends is certainly more important what can jump into this slot at SunMaker Casino out for you. And the answer is quite simply up to 62,500 euros per spin. And even if an evil oil barrel for this grand prize is responsible, so can you do with this win what you want and also the environment to invest in.

Then any other profits or winning symbols waiting on this 5-reel slots up to 30 payline. You're there different things find, such as a newspaper, a phone, a warning label, the villain, the Sidekick a cat or otherwise a funny animal, and of course the super hero yourself

Bonus games in the slot of lucky heroes

The normal profits are all well and good, but experienced online casino players realize more likely, make the most money with the special, supplementary and extra profits. And this symbol or the double up feature in this online slot of the helicopter as the Joker responsible. You will know especially the double up feature already by other online slots and then also what incredible additional profits allows you know friends.

Bonus games there are then two. One starts when the lucky heroes drink three times will appear. In this click me game let you choose then one of them and win a great prize right away. The main bonus, however, at least 3 Derrick symbols must appear. You start the bonus round. In this you have to show your super hero abilities and try to win before the villain all towers has sabotaged oil as much oil as possible.

Lucky heroes at SunMaker Casino

The lucky heroes slot is 3D at SunMaker Casino among the Sheriff gaming play. These online slots is as the name already says 3D great graphics and high-quality full HD from technology. It is truly amazing what details in such a graphic quality become visible. One seems to be able to see every single grain of sand in the desert.

Then still another surprise at SunMaker Casino is waiting for you. Your first deposit is doubled namely just like up to an amount of 100 euro. Simply follow the links here and then register in the online casino.

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